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*In Person & Virtual Services available

My burst of energy will compel your heart to be filled with joy and peace topics like "Waiting to Exhale: Top Ways of Avoiding Burnout". This workshop provides professional and hard-working people strategies to balance their lives and passions.


If you're like me, at some point you were disappointed likely more than once. The workshop "The Matters of the Heart: Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem and Love" will rekindle your ability to love within and love others again. 


Due to the cares of life, maybe your self-esteem, confidence, fear, and doubt have overtaken your actions and beliefs system. You are going, but just barely holding on then you'll need your faith revived, boosted, and activated as you experience in "The Stepping Out on Faith: Blind Faith Steps" workshop. The strategies you learn here will provide clarity and purpose to take your leaps of Faith again.

Other Topics:

  • I Can Make It ( Yes You Can ) Overcoming Challenges (ie. Loss, Hardships, Setbacks, Failures, Cancer, & Etc)

  • Managing Classroom Behavior 

  • Covid Counseling (Tips When to Seek Support)

  • Dare to Dream: Dare to Dare!

  • The Process of WINNING When You Fail.

  • D.R.E.A.M ...Discovering Realistic Expectations for Achievable Moments .....Soon Suddenly

  • *Walking In God's Favor

  • Strategies to Maintaining a Fortified Mind

  • Strategies to Remaining Focused

  • 4 Ways Procrastination Serves

  • Birthing Your Vision Pushing Out Your Purpose



Here from one of the workshop attendees who is in her 2nd year of teaching. She participated in the "Waiting to Exhale: Top Ways of Avoiding Burnout" held for the, St. Vicent De Paul Head Start Program's Teachers, Supervisors, & Case Managers. The participants learned healthy ways to reduce and avoid stress, effective communicational skills, strategies on how to handle conflict and the importance of self-awareness and more.   

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