Hayden's Happy, Sad and Sometimes Mad Feelings Book

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“Hayden’s Happy, Sad, & Sometimes Mad Feelings” is about Hayden who is a fun loving African American boy who enjoys school and friends. He experiences a range of emotions daily. When he gets overwhelmed, he learns ways to cope.

Parents, Counselors, Educators
Are you a Counselor, Educator and or Parent who works with kids? Have you ever had a difficult time trying to help a child who was having a rough day? Then “Hayden Happy, Sad, & Sometimes Mad Feelings Book” is for you and your students. The purpose of the book is to help children address their feelings and emotions appropriately and provide them healthy coping skills.

In addition, this book provides Mental Health Awareness by normalizing the importance of seeking help and talking to Counselors. It is interactive with the reader. This book can help those children who struggle sharing their inner thoughts.

As a Social Worker and Licensed Therapist, I know the importance to having tools and resources while you are engaging with your clients to help them meet their emotional goals.

Happy Hayden’s Feelings Word Bank
Go along Engaging Activities
Happy Hayden’s Declaration (Exercise of Positive Affirmations)
Vibrate & Colorful Illustrations
Quick Read for those with short attention spans

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