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Stepping Out on Faith Workshop


Learn how to remove the unconscious limitations that are hindering your expansion of faith.  


Birthing Your Vision:

Pushing Out Your Purpose 2017


If you are not sure of your Purpose, then this teleconference is for you. If you started working on your Purpose and are stuck, this teleconference is for you. If you hit some roadblocks and setbacks and need a greater comeback, then this is for you. If fear, doubt, and procrastination have been struggles that kept you from moving forward, then this teleconference is for you.

Get ready, It's time to PUSHHH!




This book is my way of becoming transparent as I uncover past failures and describe how I learned to trust God with everything.  As I trusted and obeyed God, through His strategies; my challenges turned into victories and my dreams started manifesting. This book is a dream come true.  


Know that if you are experiencing struggles, God is able to restore you; learn from my failures and faith. With God, you can do all things! Stepping Out on Faith (SOOF) will inspire you to believe God for your deepest DREAMS by FAITH. Are You Ready?

Stepping Out on Faith  Dare to Dream it has inspired me to push my "baby" out.  You have always been my biggest supporter. I am Ready.  



I enjoyed reading your book. It has inspired me to pursue what God has given me to do.  Your Journal Entry on "Procrastination" is what drove me to sit down and start writing out my goals and taking the steps to achieve them.  Thank you for being obedient to Gods voice in writing such a powerful book!


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