8 Steps To Wellness


To Dream

Gladys "Peaches" Kenney, LGSW Author, Coach & Speaker
Author of Stepping Out On Faith: Dare to Dream!  Inspiring You to  believe God  for Your  Deepest DREAMS by FAITH

8 Steps Into Wellness: DARE to DREAM

A 8-Week Journey

Wellness is more than a healthy body, it's a healthy MIND!
Wellness is an active process of making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.
It is a dynamic change and growth process.
A change of Mind leads to a Fulfilled, Abundant Life.
  • Birthing forth your purpose in the midst of challenges, struggles and setbacks. 

  • Releasing toxic relationships, dead-end jobs and past hurts to pursue your destiny.

  • Attacking the lack  that's holding you back from pursuing your purpose.

  • Adopting a positive mindset that overrides discouragement and wanting to quit. 

How would you like to live your life on purpose?  If you could bring forth what you have kept hidden, what would it be?  How many lives can benefit from what you've kept undercover? Are you ready to to be revealed?
This life changing experience is available to you now....
An 8-Week Online Comprehensive Course Teaching You
How To Live On Purpose
This course will reveal the steps to:

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Gladys "Peaches" Kenney, LGSW

 Author, Coach, Speaker 
Breast Cancer Survivor    

Birthing your Vision and Pushing Out Your Purpose is something I had to live out over the years.


Enduring persecution, negative thoughts, and setbacks has made me determined to press harder in pushing out my purpose.


Being a Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW), I have encountered many who have suffered through mental and emotional health challenges.


Although educated in counseling, helping others to cope and overcome mental instability, it did not mentally prepare me for the drastic change that was about to impact my life.


In June 2016, my life took an unexpected turn.  I was laid off from my job of Social Work, to no fault of my own. While dealing with the hardship of losing my job, I was confronted a couple of weeks later with the diagnoses of Breast Cancer. 


Despite the fact that I was stricken with devastating news weeks apart, I did not let that stop me from fulfilling my purpose.


Instead of focusing on what I was going through, I pressed pass my pain and published two books while undergoing two surgeries and weeks of radiation. I can now say:



Writing two books and hosting my first teleconference is how I turned my pain into purpose.

8 Steps to Wellness: Dare to Dream will motivate you to push past your pain and take action towards your goals.  It will encourage to overcome obstacles and propel you to push out your purpose. 

Are You Ready To Step Into Wellness and Birth Your Vision?

8 Steps Into Wellness: DARE to DREAM

Course Topics

Week 1: Procrastination
  • What is Procrastination?

  • Hesitation

    • fear, doubt, lack of confidence

  • Overcoming Flooding

    • do it scared?, assess pro & cons

Week 2: Owning Success
  • Owning Success defined

  • Failure

  • I am successful when........

Week 3: Shifting Your Mindset
  • Current Values/Belief

  • Hold on vs Let go

  • Adoption (New thoughts, beliefs, and values)

Week 4: Don't Settle
  • How not to settle

  • Least to Greatest

  • Worth (Know your Price tag)

Week 5: Affirmation
  • Definition

  • Law of Attraction (What You SAY?)

  • Speak it (Create it)

Week 6: It's Not Over
  • Bumps & Potholes

  • Quick Sand

  • 911 (help)

Week 7: You Are Equipped
  • Regroup

  • Prepare (materials, experiences, skill set

  • Map (Strategize and Visualize

Week 8: Stepping Out
  • Move!

  • Leap & Go Forward

  • Point of No Return

  • Welcome Your Dream

Still undecided on whether you will benefit from taking this course?

 Trying to manifest your purpose prematurely......
  • Will run the risk of abortion
  • Will have less impact if  birthed before time 
  • Won't leave a lasting impression
We experience challenges that can be used to help with our spiritual growth. Taking steps to guide you in the right direction will unfold the divine time to birth forth your purpose.
Are you ready to Step Out of
Get ready to Propel and PUSH out your Dreams, Gain Clarity, Direction, Guidance, and Motivation to pursue your Purpose!

Step Into Wellness: DARE to DREAM

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