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Coaching Sessions


  Coaching Program  

Have you been struggling with your existence? Do you believe that God created you to accomplish more but doubt holds you back? Has fear trampled your voice despite the great and amazing ideas you have? Have you felt worthless? Has anxiety & shyness stopped you in your tracks from posting videos, raising your hand to answer in your brilliance, implementing that grand plan to improve your career and lifestyle, or even showing up to be in the room? Have failures and setbacks kept you from pushing forward. 

If Life S.U.C.K.S.  (Stuck, Unmotivated, Confused, Keep Procrastinating, & Stagnant) and this landed on your street or directly at your front door, then it’s time for the “Call Me Confidence” Coaching Program. This program takes you from Lacking confidence to Dominating the room. 


Time to Get Your Dose of Vitamin C's:

Clarity, Confidence, Courage, & Coping Skills

Are you ready to Transform Your Life?

Schedule a Free 15 minute LifeLine Strategy Session with me today to clarify your goals, identify your obstacles, and learn how to break the barriers and achieve your life goals. 

Coaching Session


 One on One Coaching Program

  • Personalized 1-on-1 Life Coaching that is tailored to your specific abilities, needs, and goals.

  • Live Online Face to Face Life Coaching Session 

  • Live Conference calls 

  • Create an Individual Life Map

  • Life Strategy and Accountability Process 

  • 60 minutes of Coaching

  • Email support 


You will...

  • Be filled with Vitamin C's (Clarity Courage, Confidence & Coping Skills)

  • Gain Clarity in Your Purpose

  • Set and Achieve Your Goals

  • Tools to Build Confidence 

  • Transformed Mind

  • Create Positive Results in Your Life

  • Push Past Mental Blocks to Success

  • Targeted Areas such as Professional, Spiritual,  & Personal Development




60 Minutes $349

*Payment Plans Available

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